Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Leaky Pipe Causing Mold

Mold from Leaky Pipe This bathroom had heavy water damage as a result of a leaky pipe. Although apparent when the sink and toilet are removed, the problems can ... READ MORE

Mold Discovery and Removal

Affected Areas Mold is a fast-spreading problem that affects everything within its reach. As you can see in this photo, once mold has been introduced to an area... READ MORE

Mold Within Walls

Behind The Walls You can see the mold damage in the first picture. The mold in this photo was the result of a historical leak associated with a HVAC system cond... READ MORE

Bedroom Mold Growth

Silent Intruder This before and after was a result of a fungal growth underneath the house. A dishwasher leak in the utility room had caused a fungal growth und... READ MORE

Clearing Out The Mold

Lower Wall Removal The visible mold in this home was abundant. The affected area reached to almost every room in the home. As you can see here, the affected por... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Kitchen

Complications After Improper Drying This home in Ringgold, GA had a water damage several years ago that was not professionally dried out. Unfortunately oftentim... READ MORE

Removal and Remediation

Flooring and Underlayment Rotten Particleboard On this job, we were called due to suspected microbial growth in what seemed to be a structurally unsound room. A... READ MORE

Rotten On The Inside

Walls and Flooring Rotted Out Finding out what's on the inside...Upon a mold inspection, this customer was informed her bathroom had high levels of microbial gr... READ MORE

Behind The Walls

What You Can't See Job Done Right! These photos were taken on the site of a job performed improperly by another company. After the initial loss, a company came ... READ MORE