Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Severe water damage across homeowner's living room.

The water damage was extensive in this homeowner's living room. Because of SERVPRO of North Whitfield & Catoosa Counties' fast response, the damage was reve... READ MORE

Upstairs Flood

The Ceiling Can't Hold It! This loss came as a result of a busted pipe in an upstairs bathroom. Unbeknownst to the resident, the water had been accumulating und... READ MORE

Remodel After Water Damage

Bathroom Destroyed This bathroom destroyed by water damage. It had laminate flooring and stick built cabinets. Unfortunately, due to the length of time that pas... READ MORE

Hidden Moisture

Beneath The Surface Although it is not apparent that the flooring is wet-it is. The moisture is not visible which is where we come in! Once we arrived to the ho... READ MORE

Under The Floor

Supply Line Blues This before and after is a result of a broken refrigerator supply line. By the time we arrived on the scene, there was some microbial growth o... READ MORE

All Over The House

Here, There, and Everywhere! This loss was a result of a hot water heater's pop off valve blowing water in the crawlspace. This water damage affected over 200 s... READ MORE

Living Room Drying

Hot Water Heater Hot Water in The City...This water loss was the result of a malfunction in the utility room in a home that spread across 5 rooms. In this case,... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

Water Extraction Drying The Floors This before and after of a flooded basement was a result of a broken supply line. The water line that supplied the refrigerat... READ MORE

Refrigerator Supply Line

Fright Behind The Fridge Broken Line-What's the hardest working appliance in the home? you guessed it. It's the fridge. Being the hardest working appliance in y... READ MORE

Spreading Through The Walls

All Around The House! It seeps, creeks, and spreads. The photos above show damage in the garage of a home. The water damage originated from the upstairs floor o... READ MORE

Drying The Damage

Dry It Out and Rip It Up Before and After Busted pipes are the most common source of water damage in American homes is pipe and hose leakage. In this particular... READ MORE

Carpet Conundrum

From The Ceiling To The Floor! Water and Gravity! If you look closely at the before photo, you will see that there is a large amount of moisture close to the do... READ MORE

Ripping Up Floors

Bucked Floors The above photos were taken over the course of a job where moisture was found underneath shifted floors. The moisture originated from a leaky pipe... READ MORE